How Captain America & His SECRET EMPIRE Defeated The Marvel Universe

Captain America is not the man we thought he was. Last year it was revealed he was secretly loyal to Hydra his entire life. After readers picked up their jaws from the floor, they demanded to know why and how this happened. The explanation involved a Cosmic Cube that gained sentience in the form of a small girl calling herself Kobik. The Red Skull persuaded Kobik to rewrite Cap’s history.

Captain America has recently taken over Hydra by defeating Red Skull. With a meticulous plan set in motion, he was able to strengthen his position of power as the director of SHIELD and made his move against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This is how he weakened his opponents.

With the release of Secret Empire #0, it’s revealed there may actually be another slight twist to the explanation of Cap’s past. Be sure to read the issue for the full details.

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Batman Investigates The Button From WATCHMEN

About a year ago, DC Rebirth occurred. The original Wally West made his way back into the DC Universe and warned of a coming threat that had been manipulating all the heroes since The New 52 began. Wally was fighting his way through the Speed Force and first went to Batman for help. When Wally disappeared, he left a familiar button behind–the button from the Comedian in Watchmen.

Batman is continuing his investigation of the mystery of the button and gets a nasty surprise.  Check out the video below for some minor spoilers.

What the heck happens next? You really need to read Batman #21 to see the full details including some developments with Saturn Girl, last seen in DC Rebirth #1.

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Agents Of SHIELD Season 4, Episode 18 “No Regrets” Recap And Review

Inside the virtual world of the Framework, Hydra has defeated SHIELD, and Inhumans are being hunted while the rest of the world cowers under the new leadership. Daisy Johnson and Gemma Simmons have made their way inside in order to locate and save their fellow agents captured by Aida, the Life Model Decoy created by Holden Radcliffe. Daisy and Simmons discovered the Framework version of Grant Ward is working with the Resistance, the remnants of SHIELD with Jeffrey Mace in command. Coulson and Mack also found their way to their cause despite not fully recalling their lives outside while Fitz and May are immersed in the darkness of Hydra. Daisy has now been captured by Hydra, and it’s not clear what the Resistance will do to free her.

Warning: There will be spoilers for Season 4, Episode 18 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “No Regrets,” below.

Simmons Talks To Ward And Mack

Ward and Mace aren’t quite sure what to make of Simmons and her talk of the outside world. Grant asks her how she knows which world is real. Simmons insists she knows because Fitz would never kill someone in cold blood, as the Framework version did last episode. Mace makes his case by describing his past and mentions all the friends and colleagues that have died fighting this cause.  Later she is surprised to see Mack and his daughter, Hope who died shortly after her birth in the real world. Seeing his interaction with her makes her tell Ward not to use him in a field op. Grant asks if it’s because of the “fake dad” and his “fake daughter,” but Simmons simply says it’s for his safety since what happens to someone in the Framework also happens in the real world.

Mace, Coulson, And A Familiar Face

Mace and Coulson manage to liberate a Hydra bus headed to a Hydra re-education prison camp. They had hopes Daisy would be on board, and Mace decides to launch another mission to rescue another agent with vital intel. Inside the camp, they find Antoine Triplett. He was surprised when Coulson immediately called him by his old high school nickname, Trip. Trip died in the real world when Daisy underwent Terrigenesis (Season 2, Episode 10), and was working undercover to find out about the secret weapon Hydra was working on.

What One Regret Turned Fitz Evil?

After Daisy is interrogated by Fitz and Madame Hydra (Aida), she discovers Radcliffe is being held in the room next to hers. Radcliffe is still in anguish over the death of Agnes, the woman Aida was modeled after, and Daisy shows little sympathy for him. She tries to understand how one thing could turn Fitz evil, and Radcliffe says one sentence is all that’s needed to change someone.

In the Framework, Fitz’s dad is by his side. Fitz tells him he’s not sure if the woman he killed had to die. Mentioning several “What if..?” scenarios, his father immediately shuts down that line of thinking, saying that’s the way his mother thought. It’s clear having his father around resulted in Fitz to go down a dark, less compassionate path.

Mace Vs. May


May is consumed by her guilt over the Cambridge Incident which caused the death of 279 people. When Madame Hydra mentions a new weapon being worked on, May volunteers to use it to go after Jeffrey Mace, the Patriot. The weapon turns out to be an augmented strength serum (with ingredients very similar to the formula used by Daisy’s father, Calvin Zabo). Arriving at the Hydra prison, the two have a brutal fight. As the serum begins to wear off, Mace gets the upper hand, refusing to end her since he’s not the evil terrorist she claims he is.

Coulson discovered a former student that was removed from his class was being “re-educated” in a building on the base. When Mace heads over to meet Coulson and Trip  along with Simmons and Ward inside the building, May is given the order by Fitz to use the quinjet they arrived in to fire upon the building. Wanting to be certain of Mace’s death, May enters the building and is surprised to find children running out. May arrives as Coulson’s student is about to get smashed from a cave-in, and Mace jumps down to shield him. Holding up a support beam, Mace is actually holding up the remains of that section of the building and orders everyone out. Simmons tries getting him to leave, but there is no other way. Giving him a nod of respect, May leaves without shooting him, and the entire building collapses. Madame Hydra later exits the Framework and disengages Mace since his vitals have flatlined.

May Visits Daisy

Daisy is still recovering from her various beatings. May asks her if it’s true she’s an Inhuman. Daisy says, “Yeah. Powerful enough to bring this whole place down.” May then pulls out a Terrigen crystal and says she hopes that’s true. Throwing the crystal down, the Terrigen Mist envelops Daisy, creating a cocoon around her.



It was another action-packed episode as another cast member bites the dust. Mace really believed in the world inside the Framework. It was a noble sacrifice that shouldn’t have been necessary. It’s never easy to see characters killed off, but it does add to the threat of the mission. It’s been said over and over that if they die in the Framework, they die in the real world. Mace was the unfortunate example to fully drive that point home.

A big question is: What happens when they finally escape? Radcliffe told Daisy there is a backdoor out that Aida isn’t able to destroy. Fitz will have to deal with the evil deeds he committed, and Simmons might find it hard to forget them. Mack will be devastated to lose his daughter again, especially after having the false memories of their life together. Ward found out his outside-world version was pretty evil, and there can’t be a way for him to leave the Framework despite all his good he’s done, right? The same holds for Trip.

Another questions is: How did May hold the Terrigen Crystal without petrifying? Perhaps it’s because they’re in the Framework. It’ll be fun to see how the Terregenesis process works on Daisy when she emerges from her cocoon.

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SPIDER-MEN II To Reveal Who Is The Other Miles Morales

Back in 2012, the unthinkable happened for Marvel fans–Peter Parker met Miles Morales. This was the first time the main Marvel Universe crossed over with the Ultimate Universe. It was something that was said would never happen. Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli brought the two characters together in in the Spider-Men crossover series.

When their adventure was over, we were left with a cliffhanger as Peter decided to look up Miles Morales’ counterpart in his universe.

SM end

Whatever Peter found was a shock. Since then, readers have been left wondering what the heck did he find? It seemed the mystery would be forgotten as parts of the Ultimate Universe were merged with the 616 Universe after 2015’s Secret Wars. Miles Morales became ingrained into the world sharing the “Spider-Man” name.

The good news is it turns out we will find out what the story is. Marvel announced Bendis and Pichelli are reuniting for Spider-Men II this summer.


The secret of the other Miles Morales will be revealed. Parker and Morales will team up to uncover the truth. This is said to be just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll have to wait until July to find out. The series will be written by Bendis with art and cover by Pichelli and Justin Ponsor.

What do you think is the shocking secret of the other Miles Morales?

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X-Men Blue #1 Twist Revealed

The original X-Men have gathered together once again. Torn from the past and stuck in the future, the five young mutants recently left the other X-Men to fight evil on their own terms. They may have the skills and firepower to take on any threat, but who will be guiding or overseeing them? They are still fairly new to this time period.

The first issue of X-Men Blue shows the team taking the initiative to save the day. To find out who they battle and what the big twist is, check out the video below.

What are your thoughts? How the heck did the X-Men let this happen and why would they think it’s a good idea?

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New Justice League Teaser Poster

The first Justice League trailer was released a few weeks ago. Today Warner Bros. has released a new teaser poster for the movie. The “Unite The League” theme is still going strong. Question is: What are they looking at?


It doesn’t really matter what they’re looking at. It’ll be cool to see the League all together on the big screen. It’s just unfortunate that Superman isn’t around to join the part, right? We’ll have to wait and see what happens with the Man of Steel.

Here’s the trailer once again because, why not?

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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Agents of SHIELD Season 4, Episode 17 “Identity and Change” Recap

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has taken the characters into an upside-down, alternate world. When Dr. Holden Radcliffe created a Life Model Decoy and the virtual world known as the Framework, he never imagined things would go this far. Aida, the LMD has taken over his directive to protect humanity by killing him and placing his mind inside the Framework. Other SHIELD agents have also been imprisoned inside the false world. It was up to Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons to enter the Framework in order to locate and rescue their friends. What they discovered was a world where SHIELD has fallen and Hydra is now in control, hunting down Inhumans. Simmons was killed and Daisy was a Hydra agent in a relationship with Grant Ward.

Warning: There will be spoilers for Season 4, Episode 17 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Identity and Change,” below.

Daisy Gets a New Mission

Phil Coulson now has some recollection of the world outside the Framework. As he and Daisy discuss what’s going on, Ward calls her with a warning that Hydra is on their way to bring Coulson in. They meet Simmons at her apartment and the decision is made to locate Radcliffe and force him to help them leave the Framework. Daisy goes to Hydra headquarters to access her computer to find out where Radcliffe is. As she gets the information, May arrives and tells her she’s needed for a briefing and was specifically asked to be on the next mission by Madame Hydra. Daisy gives Radcliffe’s location to Ward. In the briefing, Simmons is designated as a terrorist. They are to hunt her down, using lethal force, if necessary.

The Leader of the Inhuman Resistance

Ward arranges for Simmons and Coulson to meet the leader of the Resistance. It turns out to be Jeffrey Mace, the Patriot. They were taken to the old SHIELD headquarters, which is in shambles. The base is being used to house Inhuman potentials that are in hiding from Hydra. The information Daisy passed to Ward had Radcliffe’s coordinates along with the word Ogygia. The coordinates are off the coast of Bermuda where there shouldn’t be anything. Lacking the manpower to help them retrieve Radcliffe, Ward agrees to pilot them to the location.

Mack and His Daughter

Mack is trying to raise his daughter Hope and avoid being on Hydra’s radar. Hope found a fallen Hydra drone and used parts from it to build her own. Mack says they need to take the parts back to ensure they don’t get into trouble.

When the Hydra mission Daisy is on leads them Mack’s house, she’s surprised to see him as he and daughter are brought into headquarters. May interrogates Mack as Daisy tries to reassure Hope. Daisy later sneaks in to talk to Mack. He recognizes her as “Daisy Johnson” and says they’re both SHIELD agents. Relieved, she tells him that Coulson and Simmons are there as well with Yo Yo on the outside. Mack then confesses he doesn’t know any of them. He only said what May told him to say in order to protect his daughter. Daisy tries escaping but is eventually caught and beaten by Hydra agents.

Coulson, Simmons, and Ward

Radcliffe is found on his island paradise prison. He’s surprised to see the Framework version of Ward since he only knew him when Hive had control of Ward’s body. Radcliffe tells Simmons that Aida killed him, and he’s living there with Agnes, the woman he based Aida off of. He tells them about Aida’s twisted plan and that she killed him and placed his mind in the Framework. He says there may be a way to escape in an old Russian base just as Hydra arrives on the island.

Fitz Makes a Decision

Earlier Fitz confronted Madame Hydra (Aida) about the subversive they were after. Aida is reluctant to tell him but finally shows him Simmons’ file. Observing his reaction, she tells him that Simmons is plotting against her. When he later discovered the terrorist in question is supposed to be dead, Aida explains Simmons crossed over from the “other side.” She hasn’t talked about her time there in detail with Fitz. She explains to him that, over there, SHIELD won and she was treated as less than human.

On Radcliffe’s island, the Hydra soldiers and Fitz find Agnes as Aida and Radcliffe talk. Holding a gun on Agnes, Fitz orders Radcliffe to convince him she’s not a threat. Simmons, Coulson, and Ward watch in hiding. Ward is prepared to shoot Fitz with a sniper rifle when Simmons begs him to stop. She says she loves him and will lose him forever if he shoots. Radcliffe tells Fitz how he knows him in the other world. Fitz and Simmons were in love and he almost died for her. Fitz refuses to accept this, saying he knows who he is as he shoots Agnes.



What’s going on with Fitz? The fact that he and Aida are in a relationship in the Framework is a little creepy. When Coulson and Mack were placed in serious situations, they fell back on traits from their real selves. Coulson was able to remember who Daisy was. Mack decided to track down the Resistance to help Daisy when he saw Hydra beat her. Despite seeing Simmons’ image and everything Radcliffe told him about her, Fitz remained loyal to Aida. Shooting an innocent woman is the last thing he would do. It was only after he shot her and Simmons cried out that Fitz might’ve had a moment of recognition. Either way, things are going to be pretty awkward when they eventually escape the Framework. Daisy is about to get tortured by Fitz now that he knows she is an Inhuman. It looks like he’s slipping further and further into this darker Framework version.

It seems strange that Mack is so protective and cautious about his daughter and Hydra. It could be that, deep down, he knows Hydra is evil. It almost seems that Hope might be an Inhuman potential, which would explain his desire to stay off their radar.

  • In an unrelated note, it was interesting that they used “Ogygia” as the location where Radcliffe was. That was also the name of the premiere episode of the new Prison Break season.
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